Ladies you need more of this….

I know you don’t do those weights because they will make you bulky?

of you are unsure of how to use the weights.

but I’m about to tell you why you need to start lifting NOW





I blame Jane


Let’s get physical blared from my mums Video recorder 

3-4 times a week as she sweated through the latest 

Jane Fonda workout. 

Millions of women flocked to the latest workout craze out there.


You donned your leotards and grape vined your way to fitness. 

What on earth happened to all of the strong ladies in history?

The Amazons? Wonder Woman etc

All based on real-life women who lifted weights to look an feel awesome. 

Why you need to Lift

First up ladies you are the only one gender that can carry the wonder that is children.

Children are heavy. Very Heavy and getting heavier every year.

The average being 7.7lbs. thats a lot of baby to carry around in your stomach or

arms ( after child birth). Your body must be able to bear that weight for up to year or more. 

A strong stable body can help you free of pain during this stressful period. 

It’s Over Period

Every 28 days or so you have your period which has a major impact on your health and function. 

Then it stops. The menopause has started or peri menopause. 

Egg production starts to reduce and your TOTM becomes more sporadic.

Here’s the thing around the ages of 40-45 you can lose up to 3% of your bone density. 

There have been numerous studies that show that  weight training can prevent this loss of bone density during and after menopause. 

Leading to less fractures and bone related problems for you.

Project FIT tigers showing how a toned back should look!


Look like a goddess. 

The one reason you are reading is because you want to look an feel good. 

You want toned arms, Firm legs, tight stomach and a bum you can break walnuts with. 

Well weight training has a very unique ability to allow to work on specific areas of muscle on your body which running cannot do. 

Don’t get me wrong cardio should be a part of your training regime.

Lifting weight has two impacts on your body especially when combined with a fat loss nutrition plan.

Firstly the preservation of muscle mass. As you age muscle declines. So you get weaker and less able to do all of those athletic things you like to. 

Muscle also gives you that defined toned look that you strive for. 

With the multiple methods of lifting weights you can vary your training in so many ways.

You can do it

The feeling when you lift a new Personal Best(PB) is exhilarating and often can give you the confidence to do different things outside of the gym too.

There is a mindset that goes with lifting weights that over flows into your daily life.

So what are you waiting for?

Get into the weight room.

Coach Greg 

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