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Terri-Ann dropped 25lbs using our Empowered Body Blue Method

Rosie Higgs

Rosie got her baby weight off effortlessly with our Empowered Body Method

Lena Bassett

Lena lost 28lbs without spending Hours in the gym using our Empowered Body Method

Greg is fantastic. I was demotivated, fed up, putting weight on, eating lots of takeaways and generally feeling quite low and deflated. I needed motivation and a reason to start feeling confident again. I needed to believe in myself and pull myself out of my little rut I had created. Greg focused me - he thought of everything. It wasn't just about food and exercise, it went much deeper than that, and that's the difference with Greg. He knows his stuff, and he knows how to transform people and help them to see themselves in a more positive light. I lost 25lbs in 3 months, but more importantly, I felt good, i looked good, and I implemented some habits that I didn't even know I needed. He's awesome - thank you Greg!
I feel so blessed and lucky that I found someone this amazing, knowledgeable and passionate about their job, coach Greg Fearon.
In a difficult period of my life, he brought out hopes and goals which I was never thinking of.
I approached Greg with the usual request which mot ladies look for, to help me to loose some weight. I had no idea what real problems I had, which didn’t have much to do other loosing weight. He educated me on much deeper things about myself and opened my eyes to many things. Greg, your constant support and attention to clients needs is unconditional. As a life coach, nutritionist and PT, you are down to earth, and simply a friendly communicator, best supporter and a friend.

In a short time of 2 month, I managed to achieve visible results: I easily lost my extra unwanted pounds, have got stronger each week, my life is getting much brighter and most important, I have big goals set in place now and am optimistically looking forward to achieving them. I strongly believe in myself now, as I have my amazing coach. Thank you Greg
Ingrida Allen
Business Owner
This program is 🔥 I love the support I get from Greg 1-1 and in the community of women.

I’m sleeping better, I understand my relationship with food so healthy choices have become easy, and my sex life is 🚀 oh yeah and my business is taking off with ease. As Greg says ‘how you do one thing, is how you do everything.’

Greg is part health coach, business coach, marriage counselor and overall better yourself bestie. The result - I’ve learned to trust myself to make good choices and now I know that I have everything I need to make it happen, as long as I focus on the real goal - beyond weight loss. Hope to see you in the group!
Amy Fazio
Fund Raising Expert
Greg really knows his stuff and knows how to get it across without being preachy or condescending. I loved that he's on the case when it comes to how diets need to change as you go through your 40s and he's brilliant at busting the myths and giving you the info you REALLY need to make the RIGHT changes to your diet. He really helped me change the macros in my diet, which were too carb heavy and protein low. I'd highly recommend Greg for fitness and nutritional support.
Heidi Williams
Business Owner

weight so quite happily told him I have lost 3 stone since

January & thanks to my lovely knowledgeable friend! And he told me to keep at it as the more weight I lose the more weight is off the hip.
Katie Francis
Mum of 5
There are people that come into your life who make such a difference that you can't remember life without them. Greg Fearon is one such person. I cannot recommend him enough. He's phenomenal.

I was recommended to Greg by Leanne Antoinne as I wanted to work on my weight and health. I've worked with trainers before but has been something completely different. Greg has been the holistic health support system I never knew I needed. He has coached me through the mental blocks that I didn't even know I had, he's been my support system through my healing recovery for my leg and continues to be so. He has a unique ability to read people and understand their real challenges and hold space to help them explore their answers. His health coaching and training go far beyond calories and weights and gets to the crux of what is eating you. Mindset, nutrition, movement and lifestyle are all explored in his sessions.

As a middle-aged menopausal woman, having something that get's what I am going through and adapts accordingly, as I go through my own journey of discovery, has been crucial. My journey with Greg is by no means over but it's great to have such an amazing support system along the way. Thank you Greg for who you are and all you do.

Madelien McQueen
Career & Business Coach

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