What’s the best fat burning exercise?

You must be so confused by now....

Weight Training

Which exercises burns fat?


Well first up you need to understand a few things.

For most of these activities you are working without oxygen in an anaerobic state. As opposed to Aerobic.

Anaerobic - without Oxygen

So think Sprinting, HIIT , weights.

Exercises where you need energy quickly and to move with intensity.

Aerobic exercises tends to be lower in effort and your body can take the time to use different fuel sources to make energy. Fat can be used as fuel source after about 20-30 mins of constant exercise - think a long run.

Now here's the kicker most exercise classes are using Anaerobic training to make you sweat.

So you are using mainly glycogen for energy.

Whoops - that kettlebell or boxing class you have been attending isn't actually burning fat!

So what's going on?

Intense Training works the body hard.

So for the time you are training you are using more calories than you would in a long jog for example.

There is a hormonal effect too. However that's a different subject which I will save for another time.

Don't get it twisted though both types of exercise are massively important in making you fit and healthy.


However think about this..

Which type of things do you do in your daily life?

Carry Children ? Anaerobic
Carry Shopping? Anaerobic
Run for the train? Anaerobic

I imagine 90% of your activity is anaerobic short bursts of energy followed by rest.

That's why I prioritise strength and HIIT style training with the Tigers of Project FIT.

My recommendations for you ?

Strength Train 3-4 times a week
add in some form of HIIT as a finisher

Do low level cardio 1-2 times a week ( swimming, Running , Walking)

I hope that clarifies things for you a little bit.

so next time something says Fat burning workout. then question it!

Coach Greg


The best exercise to burn fat if a calorie deficit.

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