About Me

Greg Kung-Fu

Former Management Professional, health geek & Coach for already successful women who want more from their health.
In this day of Diet fads and “busy work” that everyone else says you “must” do (fasting , keto , HIIT . etc)

I buck the trends and take you back to the basics — the authentic, nuanced, intuitive mindset strategies that diet fads can't replicate – and my signature Empowered Body Method.

My clients call my comprehensive approach “a warm environment to lose weight and up level their health” … and they call my coaching programs “safe and life changing”, “ create a new me ”, and “energy giving” … 

If you’re a focused , ambitious , down-to-earth woman who exercises & has tried a tonne of diets without quite getting it right then my holistic approach is for you …

Welcome! Come create a stronger, fitter more energised you so that you can create health and freedom on your terms. 

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