5 Fat loss tips you can use NOW

No fluff, just what it says on the Tin get reading

  1. Get 10,000 Steps a day.

More if possible. Activity that isn’t structured exercise is called NEAT ( Non Exercise Thermogenesis) is responsible for the other 23 hours outside of the gym 

It works about 80% of your daily calorie burn.  So the more Walking more helps you burn calories. Walking is also great for stress release

2> Eat Protein at Every Meal/

Protein should be the building block of your nutrition. It keeps you full. 

Burns calories while digesting and helps keep your muslces happy. 

Stick to leaner cuts of meat if possible. Vegetarian? Then Beans, Tofu , Seitan, tempeh and quorn are great sources of protein. 

3> Use smaller plates

Proven by science this one. People who use smaller plates eat less food.

It’s pretty simple this one and very easy to implement.

4> Lift Heavy things. 


Most ladies are scared of lifting weights because they think they will get bulky.

You won’t trust me. Doing some form of weight training will help you get that leaner look you are after. Remember muscle uses calories while your at home relaxing,

5>Stay Hydrated.

fat loss happens in a well hydrated body. Also you are less likely to eat  less food when you are well hydrated. 

You can work out what you need by the simple sum below.

0.03 x your body weight in kilograms = litres needed. 

There you have it some really fat loss tips you can use today.

Coach Greg 

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