Bread is not the devil

Bread it's still not the devil

I still get questions about bread

So before you start banning turkey sandwiches.

Here's what you need to know.

Your average slice of white bread is

About 94 calories.

If you weigh in at 154 lbs

Thats around 11stones

So calorie needs are around 1540 cals.

Your two slices of bread are in at 188 calories.

Im sure you don't eat bread just like that.

So let's add some ham.

2 slices at around 30cals each.

Add a tablespoon of Mayo

Thats 100cals.

It's creeping up now.

Tomatoes? Lettuce?


Ok i'll add the cheese too

2 slices at about 120 cals?

Your slice of bread is now a tasty

468 calories.

I didnt even add the vegetables.

That sandwich had now become a third of
Your daily calories.

Add in a mocha at costa that makes it
Around 800 calories

Over half of your calories gone.

Before lunch.

Bread on it's own is never the devil.

Look at food as a whole and you will get better results.

Coach Greg

Will bread make me gain weight?
Will bread make me gain weight?

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