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Greg Fearon


Nutrition, Mindset & Health Coach

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I feel healthier, happier, balanced and have learned better how to manage my stress. 

Sleeping more, eating more and eating better and being flexible when you have dinner plans, learning 1 or 2 indulgent days in a week do not mean you failed but are part of a balanced lifestyle. 

I can see abs coming through slowly and have trimmed down around the stomach and noticed my arms feel leaner so clothes are loose fitting now. Oh and I keep flexing my back in the mirror because I'm proud of my progress 
Veena Rabdia
Accounts Manager
"Coach! I just got into a size 14 coat!!! Oh my [goodness]" I haven't been this size since... I was in my teens!!! I tried a 16 first and it felt too I thought I'd chance it with a 14!"
Jevika Pankhania

Hi Greg, I just want to say a HUGE thank you for coming in as a guest expert for my membership community last night. I know this session will be a resource that will be referred to over and over again.

I specifically asked you to speak about this because of your relaxed personality. You're a fountain of knowledge and you delivered everything in a way that wasn't overwhelming and made everything seem actionable without too much fuss or bother.

I know weight / body confidence is a big thing for us women and getting the wrong person in could've been a disaster. I had a lot of people asking to talk about this for my group so it was important to find someone who'd do it right and not make us all feel shitty. I knew you wouldn't make my crew feel like crap which is why I asked you - we had a great laugh and people are happy that we can still have pizza and sexy pastries, so thank you again for your work and knowledge.

Marie-Claire Ashcroft
Business Owner

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