How to K.I.S.S. Your diet and make it easy to lose weight

When your confused by calories & macros and it feels like none its making sense then here’s the one simple way to make it simple.

You see K.I.S.S. Means keep it simple Sally.

So I’m about to show to make this diet thing really simple for you.

Ask yourself these questions around meal times to help you get better results and remove the confusion around your diet. 

1- Have I got a portion of lean protein about the size your palm at included?

Think Lean cuts of meat , lean vegetables and lean vegetarian sources. Protein is the most important nutrient when it comes to losing fat as it keeps you full and uses calories just to digest it. 

As well as ensuring you have enough protein for adequate recovery and enzyme production.

The ideal is to get protein at every meal. 

2- Do you have about a third of my plate consisting of non starchy - vegetables or fruit

Vegetables & fruit are easy to cook & low in Calories whilst contains a lot of nutrients.

Providing you with fibre to help keep your digestive system ticking over. Find vegetables you love and then slowly introduce new ones to get a complete nutrient profile. 

Water is essential for your health don't scrimp on it!

3-  Do you have a cupped handful of Starchy Carbs on your plate?

Think potatoes, sweet potatoes , rice , pasta, bread.

Carbs are great energy givers & provide fibre and micronutrients that are pretty vital for your health.

You don’t have to give up carbs to lose fat. At Project we NEVER give anyone a super low carb plan unless there is a real need to. 

Your biggest problem is reducing the fatty carbs like chocolate and doughnuts.

Water is essential for your health don't scrimp on it!

4- How much Water have you had today?

You are 70% water and not having enough can impact health in so many ways.

Getting around 1.5-2litres of water each day will keep you hydrated and reduce your risk of uneccesary snacking.

5- How much fat do I have on my plate.

Everyone is going crazy over the  keto diet  nowadays. 

Fats are awesome for hormones, energy & keeping you full. However they do have 9 calories per gram so you need to keep an eye on the amounts of fat you use.

Have some sauce, a small amount of nuts just don’t go crazy. Also think about things like cooking oil, sauces and nuts that are high in fat and might be pushing you into a calorie surplus!

This is the only way to lose fat!

The bottom line is that ultimately you need a calorie deficit to lose fat. The system or method use is in the main irrelevant as long as you can sustain it and stay healthy. 

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