Three Easy Steps to fixing your diet

I know why you are you are here.

You have probably tried to follow a super strict diet that promised you immediate weight loss.

  • No Bread
  • No Alcohol
  • No Chocolate
  • No Red meat

that looks miserable. Honestly I can't imagine how it feels to be told I have to stop eating wine gums.

Not a happy Greg.

You see most diets set you up for failure but unfortunately our Amazon culture is actually making it harder to lose weight and KEEP it off.

I'm not gonna go on too much about this, that's for another post. so as promised im  going to give you three easy ways to kick start your diet in a sustainable way.


  1. Eat Protein at EVERY MEAL

Most people eat 2-4 meals a day. So in order to make it sustainable we want to ensure that our meals are as filling as possible. Protein is a nutrient found in Meats,Fish & Pulses. The big thing is Protein is filling.

So ensuring you have more Protein is extremely useful in a) keeping you full and b) ensuring you getting enough protein into your diet. Most women I coach don't get enough of this nutrient and often find the eat bigger meals which contain more calories than they realise.

Also Protein is essential for muscle repair, so if you are starting in the gym or a bootcamp you will need to ensure you eat enough protein to aid recovery.

How much?

Use a palm-sized portion of a protein source at every meal and you will find you are fuller for longer.


2. Don't cut out all of the food you Love  EVER

Most commercial diets tell you that leaving out certain foods, will sprinkle pixie dust on your weight loss.

Often it's because you remove the foods that contain the largest amount of calories.

This is fine in the short-term until...

The binge.........

Then the guilt....

Horrible isn't it.

So here is my advice...

Get 90% of your foods from less processed sources.

More fruit, More veg ,nice lean cuts of meat.

The other 10% eat what you like.

That way you can still include your Ben & Jerry's ice cream now and again.

Look a diet that includes foods you love.

Clean eating sucks eh! 

3. It's a marathon not a sprint

Ok this is where you stop reading. Because the next diet you read will promise you results in 2 mins flat.

I ask you to think about this.

How many times have you failed on these diets?

Honestly. This is why you are back to where you started.  A little bit like the tortoise and the hare.

Breakdown your diet into small sustainable steps.

This will give you 4 weeks of weight loss below.

Week 1. Eat Protein at every meal

Week 2. Reduce non essential snacks

Week 3. Drink more water

Week 4. Eat veg at every meal.

Follow that plan and you should see results that are sustainable.

Then you can start to come off the yo-yo diets.

I really hope that helps you and sets you up for success.

Feel Free to share this with friends if it helps them

Coach Greg 


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