What every woman forgets about when trying to lose weight

Workout Gear - check

Gym -  Check 

New fat burning program- check

Special Protein Powder - Check 

Above is probably all of the things you focus on when trying to get in shape.

You see the list above is all of the things you associate with getting fit.

However there is something in your bedroom that might help you massively in 

your quest to get in shape.

What’s that ?

just starting a weight loss plan?

It’s your bed! 


With the advent of the internet age we seem to be busy like so busy you don’t even have time for you let alone friends and family. 

You are so busy scrolling through Facebook, snapchat and insta’ we forget to 

go to bed.

sleeping and weight loss

I can’t get no sleep

The average woman like you is surviving on around 5-6 hours of poor quality sleep each night.

You wake up tired, hungry and seeking out anything with Caffeine in it.

And that croissant too. 

You can’t live without coffee can ya?

Why getting a good sleep is ultra important.

Here’s a few things that might tell you why your Slumber  should the top number

when trying to lose weight.

A study of 1024 people found that those with an average of 5h sleep had a 15% increase in Grehlin.

Grehlin is your I’m hungry hormone. Causing you to eat more early in the morning.

Another Study found that women who slept for 7-8 hours a night gained less weight.

There’s a trend for you here. 

Just 5 days of insufficient sleep is enough to impact how much food you eat in a day.

That’s going to stop you losing weight right?

Let me tell you how to start fixing this problem.

  1. Turn off your tech

There is NOTHING on Facebook, Snapchat or Netflix that you have to watch or read now. Are you saying that Gilmore girls are more important than your results?

Turn off your tech by at least 9pm so you can start your sleep prep.

2.Become Batgirl

Bats like the dark and so does your brain. Ensuring you have minimal lighting into your room reduces the light that hits the penal gland in your brain. This is the gland that responds to light to wake you up. 

Not something to take lightly eh.  Close the curtains and use mood lighting while reading an actual book or magazine in bed. 

Epsom Salt bath

    3.Have a bath

Preferably with some Epsom Salts in them too. A relaxing bath with some mood lighting ( think candles) and about 500g of Epsom Salts will help you relax pretty well before bed.

4.Practice it

Rome wasn’t built in a day and if you want to lose weigh and perform better in the gym and at work then working on the 3 steps above will wonders but you have to do them consistently.  It will suck at first.

Sleep is extremely important when you are trying to lose weight and I really focus on nailing sleep with my clients so that get maximum results.

Aiming to get 7-8 hours is where you want to go for maximum results.

Go do it 

Coach Greg 

PS if you found this useful please share it with someone who needs more sleep.

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