Ladies are your kids making you gain weight?

They could well be.

As a parent I know you love to indulge your kids.

You want to nurture them and feel like what you do, makes them happy. 

However this indulgence may be making you fatter.

Here's how?

You prioritise them instead of you


I get it your a parent ( like me) but have you stopped to think what happens to them 

if you don’t look after you.

"Greg I’m so busy with the kids”

This is a classic reason not to exercise or train. 

You end up taking them to this class and that lesson. 




Tap dancing



Here’s the thing you spend hours on your bum.

You drive them to the class.

You then sit and idly watch them do said activity. 

Often it’s the same thing over and over again so you end up on Facebook 

reading stuff like this…

That’s 2 hours of inactivity lost. 



During the lesson go for a walk or take a class that fits in with the timescale. This is a great way to fit in exercise and also give you child some independence. Seriously you want them to learn how to cope without you at some point so start now. 

Taking that walk gives you a chance to clear your own head and helps you get your activity up thus helping you get slimmer again. 



Is left over food impacting your weight loss
Is left over food impacting your weight loss

So dinner is done.

You clear up the table because the kid don’t do it, ( i bet you had to when you were younger). Your son or daughter has left a some food on their plate.

With your own mum’s words ringing in your ears you eat the leftovers.

Do that 3-4 times a week might end up giving you an extra 200 or so calories a day. 

An extra 800 calories that you will probably have forgotten. 


It happens so here’s what to do instead this will save you money and calories.

The fix


First up you want to ensure your child is in good health right ? So give them extra vegetables. 


Well you make the most caloric food portion smaller for one. 

Secondly they won’t  eat all of the veg let’s be honest but you can now use the veggies for lunch tomorrow. Saving you money and Calories. 

If you are tempted to eat the left overs then you are going to be eating nutritious lower calorie food. 

Win win




So little Johnny loves KFC right? The last time I went to KFC the average meal had at least 400 calories. 


Oh as you’re there too you might as well get yourself a little something right?

Now I know you’re going to nick some chips of their plate ( I do).

here’s how you solve it.

Solve it


First up, you don’t need to eat what you’re child does. 

Go back to the line above and say it loud.

Honesty is always the best policy.

Resolve to make takeaways a once a week habit and share your meal rather than buy a separate meal for you and he kids. Then keep some fruit handy as a sweet treat. 

Volia - save money on takeaways and reduce your calories.

There you have it. 

3 ways your kids might be making you fat and how to solve them.

Hope you find it useful. 

Coach Greg 

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