What a bear can teach you about calories and fat loss

I bet you are so confused by diets work?

Over the last few years you have been bombarded by different messages.

Carbs make you fat

no eat more fat,


There must be millions of diets out there!

Lately it’s been about wellness, which tells us that calories don’t matter and it’s an old science.

Old Science works though and it has ALWAYS worked.

Wellness Gurus often have NO Qualifications

Don’t let the wellness gurus confuse you. 

Let this bear explain calories 

Post hibernation Calories to winter weight gain!

Every winter this bear sleeps for months not eating anything. The bears metabolism slows down too. The bear is not eating anything. 

So how does it survive?

Well between April & September the bear has been eating pretty much non-stop. 

Getting in enough calories to support it’d daily activity & build fat which can be used as energy during his/her long hibernation. 

The bear understands that food is energy(calories). 

The bear knows that it needs enough energy to get fat for winter.

A calorie is how we measure energy in food and drinks. 

It’s the amount of energy 

So what does that mean to me Greg?

You are energy. 

Every movement, every breath, every function in your body needs energy. 

This is the energy you get from your food and drink. 

All food and drink contain energy(calories). 

Protein has 4 calories/per gram 

Fats have 9 calories/per gram

Carbohydrates 4 calories/per gram 

Alcohol 7 Calories /per gram

Every Diet has the same outcome! 

I’m going to reveal a secret. Diets make money.  

A lot of it. 

The diet industry is worth £billions.

I’m going to show you how companies make money from diets. 

The ultimate guide to creating a new diet plan that sells out. 

  1. Get attractive person to show before and after picture using your diet method. 
  2. Find a little bit of science that kind of looks like what your diet methodology says.
  3. Create  points, rules , procedures that people must adhere to on your new diet. 
  4. Call your diet a name that attracts what people want : ie lighter life, Slimming world , weight watchers.
  5. Get people to pay you to use your system. 
  6. Get people to eat less calories but never educate them enough to do it by themselves. 
  7. People eventually fail and then have to start the system again because it worked before.
  8. Repeat steps 1-7
All foods have calories!
Credit: @healthy_little_lifter

But Greg it’s not just about Calories it’s about hormones, gut health etc etc 

Here’s the thing I actually agree with you. What you eat does cause a different reaction in your body. 

I could go into great detail about enzymes, hormones and appetite etc but my goal with clients is to get them to take action. 

Too much information causes you to just get stifled by inaction. 

Honestly you know that you need 

to eat less junk, 

Reduce your alcohol consumption, 

Eat more protein and up your vegetable intake. 

However you spend more time trying to understand how the keto reduces insulin to actually do anything about it. 

Remember the bear I mentioned earlier?

The bear isn’t thinking about which hormones are going to impacted by eating avocado or butter in your coffee.

The bear just get’s on with eating according to their needs. 

Taking action. 

Rather than information gathering. 

A lesson in hormones. 

I used to work with the Endocrinologists and Diabetes team at University College Hospital London. 

I learn’t one big lesson. 

The best way to ‘fix ‘ your hormones are to:

  • Eat a good diet 
  • Get plenty of Sleep 
  • Manage Stress
  • Be active Daily 
  • Train or exercise at least 3 times a week.

So Greg is it just calories in vs calories Out ?

Yes- You can control how much food you consume and the types of food you eat. 

Those foods will have an impact on your appetite , blood glucose levels and you feel. 

Eating more high nutrient low Calorie foods 

such as 





Lean Meats





You get the gist. 

and eating less High Calorie Low nutrient foods such as 



Ice Cream 




Will get you well on the way to 

consuming less calories, 

better health 

 losing fat. 

There you go that’s a triple hit right there. 

Remember the bear ? Im pretty sure it doesn’t use my fitness pal to track it’s calorie intake.

You don’t have to either to achieve a calorie deficit. 

Your body will tell you. 

Weight goes up - Calorie Surplus

Weight goes down - Calorie Deficit 

NB: there are a few things that can impact your weight which is why I use these tools to assess fat loss.

You can see those tools here -> http://gregfearon.co.uk/5-things-you-should-focus-on-instead-of-scales/


Whether you track your calorie intake or not you lose fat by creating a deficit in energy needs.

Control your calories and you lose fat. 


Coach Greg 

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