21 Ways to make your diet easier

Let’s face it as I mentioned in my last post habit change is hard and having helped 100’s of women lose weight and tone up I thought i’d share a few tips with you to help you. 

  1. Change only one thing a week
  2. Hire a coach ( everyone needs help) 
  3. Don’t stop eating the foods you love, you will only hate your diet more
  4. Learn about Macros and Calories - knowledge is power when used. 
  5. Track you calories for at least 3 weeks it’s the biggest nutrition education you will ever have 
  6. Aim to have 1/3 of your plate with veggies and fruit 
  7. Get support from friends and family 
  8. Stop reading articles that tell one specific food is making you fat. 
Calories are the most important part of fat loss
  1. Give up trying to workout what syns mean because no one actually knows
  2. Drink more water 
  3. Acknowledge that calories matter most when it comes to fat loss
  • Chew you food properly , trust me most of you just shovel it down. 
  • Plan your nutrition, trying to wing it never works
  • Aim to eat at least two palm size portions of protein at Every meal
  • Get some weighing scales it makes tracking your food easier
  • Don’t make it complex, forget intermittent fasting , carb cycling and all the other fancy diet protocols
  • Go easy on the cardio , long bouts of cardio can make you hungry. 
  • Eat more fruit trust me it won’t make you fat.
  • Sugar is not the devil, too many calories are
  • This is a lifestyle change not just a 4 week fad
  • Track your results so you know if things are working for you. 

These are some great tips, I hope you find them useful. 

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