Carbs ARE making you fat, but not for the reason you think it is…

You are told that so many times are that CARBS are making you fat.

Here is the truth and it’s not what you think….

The Secret is in the sauce

Rice, Potatoes and Pasta are the normal fall guys in the food world for making you fat. 

Oh and Bread. 

I want to share one thing with you that you must know. 

All food groups contain Calories:

Carbs: 4 calories Per gram 

Protein:4 Calories Per gram

Fats: 9 Calories Per gram

(learn more about  Calories watch this vid

So to write this article for you I asked my current Clients want they thought were

there favourite high carb foods:



Ice Cream

All high Carb foods. 

However their is a little secret in the sauce which probably the biggest thing 

causing you weight gain is not the carbs… its the fat…..

Let me show you

Fatty Food dressed in Carb Clothing. 

When you think of Carbs you think of sugar or bread like foods right?

But in order to make certain foods even more palatable and enticing you need to 

add some fats.

Fats have a load of calories when you mix carbs and fats you get you face down in Ice cream and pizza on a Friday night.

Let’s take Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate…..

In a 42g Bar you have the following. 

13g of fat 

25g of carbs

So in a 230 calorie bar. 

117 calories are from fat and only 100 calories from carbs

Ok want another one?

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream - Cookie Dough. 

15g of Fat

25g of Carbs

So you now have 

135 calories of fat

120 calories of Carbs

Ok just one more.

Walkers Cheese and onion Crisps

5g of fat 

13g of carbs

52 calories from carbs 

45 calories from fats

So the in all of those cases the fats are a high component of the food.

It’s what you have with it the counts…. 

Let’s take the humble potato 

Potatoes 148g 

0g fat 

26g of carbs 

Thats a decent helping for just over 100 calories. 

Add on some Cheddar Cheese and a sauce……

30g of cheese is 120 calories

that’s more than the Potato itself eeek!!

Please remember this fats are not bad, there are pretty essential. 

However you need to look at the overall calorific value of foods that 

you think may be high carb but are actually higher in fat than you realise. 

Overall Calories in your food matter most.  So look at the overall calories in your food before you demonise one particular food group.

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