The no 1. Fat burning exercise ever

Every day I get asked

Greg - what's the best fat burning exercise.

I'll tell you what, get 10 Personal Trainers in a room and I'm sure you will get something like this.

Kettlebell Swings

Or something similar.

But It's none of those and It's definitely not something most people will tell you.

So shall I Tell you what it really is?

The no 1. Fat burning exercise is .....

'The sorting out your diet exercise'

After working with 100's of women I can categorically tell you, that exercise is awesome and should be part of your life.

But diet is where It's at.

Let me explain.

Running for an hour uses 476

Cycling for an hour uses 290 calories

Zumba uses 447 calories

Weightlifting 210 calories

All popular methods of exercise.

Now let's take the humble chocolate bar.

You could eat this bar in under 30seconds

That's a whopping 240 calories

Add in your lunch time sarnie and you can see what the real problem is.

It's nutrition.

Plain and clear.

How you lose fat

Ladies let's be honest most of you want to look good naked.

You want to lose that fat around your tummy, muffin too and bingo wings.

So let's forget weight loss and focus on losing fat.

Fat is your bodies way of storing energy for another day.

That day never comes as you are lucky to be pretty well fed.

To get your body to start using this you to stop being so well fed and eat a little bit less than what you need daily

This daily energy need is called your total daily energy expenditure. TDEE for short.

There are lots of ways that you can calculate this number.

I like to use the following:

Your body weight in lbs x 8,9 or 10.

8 is pretty sedentary
9 is a little active
10 is highly active

Let me give you an example:

Shelly ( from down the road) weighs 150lbs
She spends most of her day providing nutrition expertise over lattes and selling you detox tea, shakes and magic pills.

She has a fairly high % of bodyfat despite her pills and potions

Qualified personal trainer might use.

150LBS X 8 = 1200 calories.

If shelly decides to start exercising more then we might use a factor of 9 or 10.

These calories already include exercise activity so you don't need to add in exercise calories.

Provided you stick to that 90 % of the time you WILL lose body fat.

You now have a calorie deficit.

Eat what you want with those calories and lose body fat.

What I would say is most of your food will come from single ingredient food like

Starchy Carbs

Add in some foods you love.

Walk a lot and voila you are now a fat burning machine.

Don't get me wrong exercise plays a massive part in changing your body.

However your number 1 fat burning exercise is to sort your diet out.

You can use an app like my fitness pal to track calories you take on.

It takes consistency but it works well.

You just have to do it.


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