5 reasons you aren’t toned and what to do about it….

Greggles I want to get that

lean athletic like (Insert Celebrity/Athletic).

You have been trying to get that super lean look

but it never seems to work!

I can explain why:

  1. You’re still lifting light weights

A quick biology lesson for you as you get fitter and stronger

your muscles are adapting to what you expose them to.

If you’re still lifting light weights then you’re preventing

muscles from growing and you need them to grow a little bit

The fix?

Start doing more compound exercises such as deadlifts, Squats,

bench pressing and their variations. Start to increase your weights.

You should start to feel that it’s a bit of a struggle as you get to

the last few reps.

  1. You still have a leg day, arm day & butt day

Most women have a gazillion things to do each day so

getting into the gym 6 times a week is not going to happen.

So trying to do a different body part in the gym is highly unlikey.

you will end up doing low intensity exercises that only challenge

small muscle groups.

The fix

Do 3-4 full body training sessions rather than five days split across

lots of body parts

  1. Skimping on Sleep

One of the biggest parts of changing your body composition is getting

decent shut eye. Lean physiques are made in your bed not in the gym

Recovery and rest are important parts of ensuring you get the most benefits

from your sleep.

The fix

Aim for at least 6.5 hours a night.

You can watch a video on sleep below

  1. You have no plan and no record

It’s a funny thing, Ladies loves lists and plans but never record

their workouts.

Recording how much you lifted and how you felt helps you plan your next

training sessions and shows you where you can progress.

The fix

Get a log book from log it or lose on Amazon 

Record what you do and how you felt training!

  1. Not Trusting the process

I know your impatient to get results but achieving a lean physique

will take some time depending on your start point. So recording your progress

especially using pictures to chart your progress.

The fix

Grab  a free 7 day meal plan to get you started! I'll send it straight over and you will also get 21 free recipes!

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