5 healthy habits you should do daily backed by science

You want to get healthier and happier but so often we focus on the best exercise for fat loss or the best diet.

Health is often neglected for the pursuit of the next weight loss dream.

Using these 5 habits you can get to your health goals faster.

How women can get healthier in 5 steps
  1. Be still

In our digital age , we constantly have lights and alerts on , bringing an onslaught of information to our already stressed minds.

Doing regular meditation 🧘‍♀️ can decrease  blood pressure & reduce stress.

Try using this app to help you relax > https://www.calm.com/justkeeplivin

2. Get a massage monthly at least

Relieving the knots in your body will go a long way to ensuring you stay pain & stress free life.

Go on tell me it’s expensive?

£60 is equally to half a night out. You could make it a once a month habit to get a good deep tissue massage

3. Walk more

You get up in the morning & walk to the bathroom and then walk to the car.

Then you sit in a folded position for the whole day before you repeat the same 5 steps.

Before the transport revolution we walked for miles each day , maybe not all in one go but we performed constant movement.

Walking has so many health benefits and has is a known way to reduce blood sugar levels.

Ultimately its walking meditation.

You can relax and think and get closer to nature for free!

4.Breathe Deeper

Ever have a friend telling you to calm down and breathe?

Theres a clue there…

Learning how to breathe properly is a great way to reduce anxiety and reduce stress. There is also evidence that improved breathing can improve asthma symptoms can be regulated by regular breathing practice.

Considering you can’t live without oxygen how vital it is to your very existence who knows what health benefits can be derived from learning to breathe deeply and properly.

You can make it part of your meditation practice each day and get wonderful benefits.

  1. No Netflix , Just Sleep

Staying up late to binge watch orange is the new black is impacting your health more than you know.

Most of us need between 6-8 hours sleep each night.

Sleep is your bodies opportunity to recover both physically and mentally.

Moods, performance, activity levels all fall when you don’t get enough sleep.

So why skimp on sleep?

There you have it

5 habits you should be working on daily for better health and wellness.

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