What you need for fat loss -PART 2

So if you read Part 1 of this series you will see I talked about being in a calorie deficit. Taking in less calories than you consume is the number 1 law when it comes fat loss.

However I think this is even more important to you reaching your goals.

Ready to find out more?

The read on.
Patience is THE virtue ...

When it comes to fat loss, we seem to go a little loopy.

For some reason all logical thought goes out of the window. You seem to want it all now.
It's kinda funny really.

Let's look at it like this. Fat gain happens over a period of time.
For example if you have had a child,I'm sure you gained weight and fat over the period of 9 months right.

So how do you expect it to fall off just like that?

It's always funny when we talk to little people ( children) and we explain how achieving anything takes time. You must work hard and be consistent in your efforts to get where you want to get to.

However fat loss comes with emotions.

You feel heavier , clothes feel less comfy or don't fit at all.

Notice I use the word feel? You see for a large number of you ladies 'feelings' is what drives behaviour and how you think. Your logical brain goes out of the window. So when you feel fatter, heavier your emotional brain takes over your logical brain.

This is where you need to acknowledge how you feel and switch back to some logical thinking.

Fat loss will not happen over night and you know it.

Patience is key. You know it and I know it.

One workout will not have you looking like you did in your teens.
How do to Patience in fat loss


Now for some practical ways to help you stay in track.

1. Take pictures at REGULAR intervals. A picture paints a thousand words right?
well taking a picture showing your stomach,side and back say every 2-4 weeks will help you see progress.

2. Take measurements. Like the above seeing progress on the measuring tape can be extremely motivating for you.

3. Are you getting stronger? can you run faster? cycle further?

Tracking your performance in the gym or running can work really well and drive you onwards. Trust me it feels awesome when you achieve a personal best.

4. Count Habits and Actions.

Every time you something that leads to a better stronger you will get you towards your fat loss goals.

Do you sleep better ? Are you getting protein at every meal?

Tracking the actions that lead to your fat loss goals will get you to those goals faster.

Right that's enough from me.

I'll complete part 3 soon.

Coach Greg

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