My secrets to super sexy arms for busy ladies who want to look and feel awesome

Bingo Wings

If there is one body part that causes more consternation than any other body part

its the bingo wings.

Located  at the back of the arms

It’s hard to hide the especially  during the summer when it’s all about loose tops and

the swimsuit or bikini you have lined up for your summer body.

So I’m gonna show a few of my tricks to improve your arms.

Your gonna be a little bit surprised at what I show you.

How to shift those bingowings

Funnily enough all of the ladies I coach seem to magically develop arms of amazons.

Toned (well muscular sounds too manly right)& defined.

Here’s a sample.

So how did these ladies get them Greggles?

Alright lean in close i’m about to show you.


Weight training does not make you bulky!

“Heavy Weight’s will make me bulky” ladies please stop believing this myth.

Herein lies the 1st rule of sleeker arms.

You NEED to lift some heavy stuff.

You want muscle to REPLACE the fat you hold in that area of the body. So it will mean

lifting a little heavier than you’re probably used to.

Those Pink 1kg weights will not help develop the muscles you want or give you that definition.

So start to lift heavier in all of your exercises. For EVERY body part.

My fellow coach at Abbey Dubisson once said “ if it ain’t raining you ain’t training.

So a training session should exert you to a slight level of discomfort.

You know ‘heavy breathing and sweating with a little bit of grunting- Behave yourself.


None of the ladies I coach spend hours doing bicep curls, Tricep kick backs. They definitely DO NOT

have arm day!

Look your a busy person and you cannot train 6 times a week. So herein lies the next secret.

Do compound Exercises.

What’s that Greggles?

It’s an exercise that involves a large number of muscles.


Press ups

Bench Press


Chin ups

These exercises work your arms as well as your back, chest & core. Getting you a greater calorie usage and

a bigger stress on your body = Faster adaptation and changes to your body aka better fat loss and better muscle growth.

Spend the Majority of your time should be spent doing these exercises.

The minority of your time should be spent on specific arm exercises.

Arms are small muscles and don’t use a lot of energy.

So low benefit for your time.


Yep you knew it was coming. Sort your diet out.

Bingo wings are pockets of fat stored at the back of your arms.

So you need a caloric deficit over time to get rid of it.

Simple. It won’t go away. You knew that though right?

Here’s a video that explains how to workout what calories you need to be at to start losing fat.

Follow the vid below


See Kim had been training consistently for about 18months and struggled with her arms.

My two bits of advice to her were:

  1. Be patient
  2. Lift heavier.

Check the difference.

Kim killed her bingo wings and developed a nice toned back

So let’s wrap this up. I’ve included a few exercises below that you should probably want to include in your workouts.

DB/Barbell  shoulder Press

Press ups


Pull ups

Chin ups

Bench Press

Battle rope waves

Hit these on the regular and hit your diet and you can get yourself some sleeker arms.


PS I’m about to open up slots in my programs so if you want to talk about how I can help

transform you and your lifestyle then click the link below and let’s chat!

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