7 unexpected benefits of getting fit

So you have decided to get in shape.

Trust me it will be the best thing you have ever done in your life.

There are also some great benefits to getting in shape that you might not expect so im going to share these with you now.

Time to get fit and lose weight
Time to get fit and lose weight

1. You make new friends

Probably the biggest win you will make is the new army of forward thinking mates you will now accumulate.

These will be people you can learn from or exchange skills with to your mutual benefit.

Making new friends through fitness
Making new friends through fitness

2. Men become more redundant

I know you don't need a man around your life but there is one thing men can do for you.

Lift heavy things.

As you become stronger daily tasks become easier to handle making men redundant even further.

Project FIT strong baby


3.You get to go shopping more.

As you the pounds come off you realise you now want to upgrade your wardrobe to the latest designs.

You no longer need to hide yourself in big jumpers.

Get new clothes when you get fitter
Get new clothes when you get fitter

4. You become a Michelin starred  chef

Ok Nigella Lawson or Mary Berry won't be shaking in their boots yet but eating more home cooked food goes hand im hand with shedding the pounds.

You soon realise that egg and chips is no longer your specialty dinner!

5.You get a better bum

The whole point is that you want to look good naked. Once you have a program that has some booty sculpting exercises in them then you soon find yourself admiring your toned toosh in the mirror.

tone your bum

6.You can smell bull s*** better

The world of fitness is full of charlatans who want to con you into losing weight in some super fast way!

Promising you the earth.

You will soon smell the rubbish emanating from these sources, now apply that thinking to your daily life and you will soon find out whose telling you the truth.

7. Your organisation becomes better

As you get into a regular routine you  will start to organise your time around what's important to YOU.

You will soon start to plan your meals, organise your social life and leave work at a decent time ad you know your exercise is helping you feel better and more confident.

There you have it!

7 great benefits of exercise that you didn't see coming.

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