About Us

Who's Greg?


A long time ago, say, before dinosaurs roamed the Earth, I was a young sprightly kid who could run and jump with the best of them.  Then life took over, I finished college and started to take on the responsibilities of life:

  • My son
  • A mortgage
  • Bills

Life sucked - apart from my boy, I was always working and paying bills. I was feeling stressed out, lethargic and unfit, and there were rolls of fat I had never seen before!

So, I decided one day to start reading my old Kung Fu magazines, start working the pads and doing basic body weight exercises. I have a HND in Sports Science which I decided to draw on again, reawakening all I had learnt about the body and how it worked.

Then it struck me... women all around me are trying to get healthier and fitter but failing miserably because of all the misinformation society feeds us.

I obtained my qualifications in Personal Training and started to coach women primarily back to health. I was then asked to run group sessions in boxing and kick boxing helping ladies get into shape, and the weight fell off them, which in turn made them happier and healthier.  The ladies feel like a family and support each other as a group.

So who is Greg Fearon ? Well I'm the guy that wants to help ladies get back into shape - Simples!

If this page has failed to communicate just how dedicated we are to our trade then come and visit it us. We believe we are the most passionate and dedicated personal trainers in Harrow. Decide for yourself!

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