Ladies I don’t Care about your weight

I promise those are not my feet, purple nails is how i roll! And talking of rolls....

I just wanted to tell you why I don't care about your weight! Yep honest I don't give a monkeys about how much the scales say you weigh!

Here's why....


I don't care about your weight ! I'm 16 stone and proud!

Yep there it is! 16 Stones thats a whole 101.6 Kilos!

I weighed myself for the first time in years and there it was a big 16 (also my mental age)!

That's like three of my son at least!

Wow that's heavy you might think.

BUT!... Ladies here's why I don't care about your weight and why you shouldn't either!

  • Your weight just tells me the sum total of your hair, muscle, bones, lady bits & teeth. It doesn't tell me anything about you! Your height, body type, muscle density, fat stores. All these combine to make you!
  • Your weight just tells me that you the individual may have a lot of muscle, be carrying excess fat or be retaining water in your body. Water levels can impact your weight massively. Salt in food can aid water retention.
  • Your weight doesn't tell me how energetically you play with your kids, nieces/nephews or how briskly you walk your dog!
  • Your weight doesn't tell me how you can jump and run like a TIGER! How many press ups you do in a minute or how many squats can you do.



So Greg what do I measure instead?

1. Take photos at regular intervals, say every 2 weeks, to track your progress. Front, Back and Sides (no sucked in selfies)! Crop top and shorts and keep it visible! Be Honest for yourself. This will help you keep focused.

2. Take measurements of your waist , stomach (belly button level) and thigh circumference every two weeks.

3. Track your progress.

So frankly I don't care about your weight!

Picture, measure, track, perform, feel your confidence grow as you shrink.  Simples!

At Project FIT we help track that for you

Coach Greg

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