How to fix your Slow metabolism….


There seem to be lumps and bumps that weren't there before

Your dress doesn't fit like it used to a few years ago. All of a sudden you feel a little sluggish. Then your mother in law utters those words " your getting old, your putting on weight. 

Trying to lose weight and have a slow metabolism? reading this might help you...

​Do you have a slow metabolism?

Honestly the chances are that you are eating more than you realise and that is the reason why you are gaining weight. 

Our Metabolism does vary from person to person. The variation is between 100-300 calories daily. That's less than a mars bar. When I talk to ladies who talk about a slow metabolism It can become pretty clear what's happening very quickly.  

The video below might help you:​

Calories - those pesky things that make our clothes tighter.

​Your weight and body fat levels are determined by your calorific intake from food an drink. What you expend or 'burn' as some people say is determined by your daily bodily functions and any activity you do. 

Take in less calories than you use each day and you will lose weight.

Often times though you forget what have eaten.  That biscuit you ate at lunch x 4 , the sweets the office feeder brought round 3 times. We are likely to forget 50% of the food we eat each day.  So what you think is 1100 calories you eat each day  is actually more like 2200 calories. ​

I see it time and time again.​

What should I do Greg ?​

There are some easy steps you can take to increase the energy expenditure.

1. Walk more - aim to get at least 10,000 steps each day

2.Lift Weights - Doing resistance training will help you build muscle that use more energy daily

The big one?​


Understanding how to track your food using an app like myfitness pal can help you see how many calories you are eating. Other methods which offer less information include food journalling, or taking photos of your food.

You can then get an idea of how much you are eating and how you can reduce your calorific intake. 

Of course there are conditions which can reduce your metabolism such as thyroid problems may reduce your ability to lose body fat, but generally these can be overcome with the right plan.

Sorry your metabolism isn't slow you are probably are eating more than you realise.

​Coach Greg 

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