Do this in your lunch break for better fat loss results & better productivity

I bet you’re thinking it’s some magical task

where you have to sit upside down while

drinking kale…

No it’s nothing as crazy as that.

Summer is approaching fast & if you’re serious

about shifting some pounds then this is the one

thing you need to do more of.

Here's what I want you to do.

Take a lunch time walk.

It’s simple.

One of the big contradictions that busy ladies give is

the whole ‘Independent Woman’ thing yet they can’t leave

their desk for half and hour at lunch!

Heads up, you are entitled to a break  and you should take it.


Here’s a few reasons why you should be walking at work daily.

  1. Burn Calories, well you knew this, but sitting on your backside most of the day

is going to lead to a very low calorie usage.  Walking can use 102 calories per hour.

2.Keeps you away from the snacks at work and less likely to eat the food that gets left out in the office.

3. Being sat down for long periods of time causes your hips and and glutes (bum muscles)

to get tighter and weaker.  Walking helps keep them flexible and working as they should be reducing your risk of injury.

4.You will feel more focused and much more productive at work, leaving you feeling like the office ninja.

Getting to a calorie deficit is crucial for losing weight and looking and feeling your best. So daily walking will leave you feeling energised and help you shift body fat.

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