The big diet book secret

What do these books all have in common?

Young looking, fit bodied celebs  all trying to convince you that their diet plan is best.

I'm gonna let you into a little secret that ties all of these together.

The secret that diet industry tries to keep covered up. 

A skeleton in the closet that I personally think you have to know.

Joe Wicks just trying to get you into a calorie deficit.

Has your friend ever shared your secret?

Trust me this an extremely relevant question. 

Imagine you tell your friend Shelly a deep secret. You have to tell someone before it eats you up.

You tell Shelly how you kissed Colin from accounts after you matched on Tinder.

You swear Shelly to secrecy.

A week later though multiple people are telling you that you slept with Colin, you married him and all sorts of crazy stuff.

It all started with a kiss..

Just like diet books.

They all start with a Calorie Deficit.

What's a calorie deficit? Simply that you use more energy than you take in through food and drink. Consistently.

So Davina MccAll , Joe Wicks, Charlotte Crosby etc etc all have been told that getting into a calorie deficit is the "secret" to weight loss. 

However they will dress it up as a whole new eating concept to market their content and diets to you.

Joe Wicks Calls it old science but....

Old Science on Old bodies 

You see our bodies have not changed for a long time. So the oldest science works.

If you eat less food in calories you lose weight from a combination of fat and muscle. Simples.

They just choose to tell you it in a different way. Let's face it calories isn't actually sexy marketing is it. Let's call it a syn or points or just not mention it altogether. That way it's new and sexy. 

Ultimately it comes down to a calorie deficit. Simple as that.

How do I workout my calories?

You don't like the Truth

Most people hate the truth, that's why its easier to hear that you have been eating the wrong type of carbs rather than you are EATING too much. 

Hey I just like to be honest. 
Losing weight is about calories in vs calories out. 
All diets are telling you the same thing. 
Once you understand that then the world is your fat loss oyster. 

If your stuck trying to lose weigh then give this meal plan a try! It will help you kick start you fat loss journey  

Get it now

Talk soon

Coach Greg

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