What do to when you lose your fitness Mojo…

I was doing so well but then holiday,kids,life event happened...

So how do you get your mojo back?

Well funny enough, whenever someone loses their motivation it normally is because of this...

"I was training consistently I was doing this , I was doing that"

It was all Perfect...

I want to be Perfect again....

but I can't!!!!! So I will do NOTHING...

All or nothing no grey.

You see ladies when you make everything black or white you either do everything like a maniac or you Stop and mope about wanting to be good again.

There is a away to stop the cycle but it needs some self-acceptance.

weight loss; harrow; fitness;women;tone up ;

You need to accept that life is not Perfect and never will be.

You can clean your house over and over again till it gleams but there will be dust landing on your shiny skirting board instantly.

You just need to accept you can't be perfect all the time.

Even Usain Bolt is never perfect all of the time.
He does't have kids(husbands, men in general ) , work to deal with.

Once you accept that then everything falls into place.

You realise that taking Imperfect ACTION

is the way forward.

- Cant train 3 times then train twice

- Eat protein at 2 meals instead of 3

- Drink a litre of water instead of 2

You will notice that once you start taking daily actions

You get you goals much faster than trying to be perfect and stop starting.

The other thing is to make a mini-goal.

1. lose 3 kg by xmas ( 6lbs)
2. get into a size x dress by xmas

you get the drift.

Put that goal some where you can see it and actually look at it at least twice a day....

The more you see it , the more your sub concious absorbs and pushes you towards the ACTIONS you need to take to get the job done.

I hope that helps ladies 😛

Greg ​

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