6 reasons you should be lifting ladies ….

You:Greg I want to tone up.

Me: Are you lifting weights at all ?

You: I’m doing lots of cardio though

Oh Oh let me show you why you SHOULD be Lifting 

Did you miss the memo?

In order to get that toned athletic look you want, you are going to have to start adding some resistance training to your workouts.

When you want to look and feel amazing resistance training is what gets looking HOT. 

However there are a whole host of other reasons outside of looking good that you should consider adding weight training to your life now.

1- Confidence

Having coached 100’s of women like you , I often see how confidence plays such a huge role in how you live your life.

Lifting a weight that you never thought you would lift before fills you with confidence. Which you can apply to  every area of your life. 

Watch my client Rebecca lift her own bodyweight with ease…

2- Helps you lose fat. 

When you do lots of cardio , you are often staring at a machine which tells you how many calories you have burnt. So you try to out exercise your diet by doing more cardio. However you feel like its a never ending cycle. 

You get fitter>you burn less calories each time> You have to do more cardio. 

One of the benefits of lifting is that you invoke your hormones to help with your fats. Human growth hormone and Testosterone are both elevated after a lifting sessions and help the process of helping you shift body fat and make you leaner.

Project FIT tigers showing how a toned back should look!


3- Stops you getting older. 

Well kinda, one of the consequences of getting old is that you lose bone density. Think brittle bones. 

When you perform resistance training you place pressure on on your bones to stay strong.

4- Every day is easier

Have you found that you can’t lift the kids or carrying the shopping feels like hard work.

Well lifting weights make these daily tasks a doddle. 

After some well planned training you will find  that you can do more each day and that things you couldn’t do before become easier

5- Look Hot

Oh remember that toned look you wanted before? Well you are going to have to lift some weights in order to grow the muscle. Cardio will just not cut it. 

Hell no!!! 

Don’t worry you won’t look like the hulk. You don’t have the genetics and hormones to do that with.

So relax

You will become a sleeker version of yourself.

6- Variety is the spice of life. 

You love variety don’t you ? I mean you are always banging on to your partner to your love life. 

Well cardio is like the missionary position.

It has it’s uses but only works one energy system and can be less effective when used to often.

Think of weight training as the Kama Sutra of fitness.

There are probably 60 versions of a squat alone. 

Think of the fun you could have with that. 

The complexities are endless.

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Coach Greg

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